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Victory: The Age of Racing goes Free!

Did you know Victory: The Age of Racing? It was the first racing game from Vae Victis Games, a unique online racer with spectacular car handling and user generated cars inspired by the different ages of racing. Victory offers a thrilling racing experience through multiplayer…

Racecraft: Free for all Victory players

Hey guys! Long time passed, but we didn’t stop working on Racecraft: we’ve just announced it on a brand-new dev blog we created to give you an inside view of the development of our new ambitious racing game featuring procedural technology, we already published lots…

Victory Dev Leaks 18: RaceCraft is coming

We are facing one of the major challenges of racing games: being able to create unlimited race tracks having both a proper functionality and a great visual impact. Our R&D team is working on a procedural algorithm that randomly creates straight lines, chicanes, sharp turns,…