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Victory: MiniRacing Alpha


Enter our Test Flight Team

You can enter our Test Flight Team by clicking here if you’re not yet enabled:


Important Notices

  • Remove older versions of the game before installing a new one
  • The current version of VMR is optimized only for iOS, the Android version will be released in the next days


Version History


  • NEW: Nitro button animation
  • FIX: Multiplayer-Async mode
  • FIX: Race-VS mode
  • FIX: Controls
  • FIX: Reset user
  • FIX: GUI updates


  • NEW: Multiplayer-Async mode
  • FIX: Improved Race-VS mode
  • FIX: GUI updates


Known Issues/bugs

  • Car physics is at a very early stage and still in development
  • All the options that are not available are disabled and presented with a 50% transparency
  • Tilt controls is not yet optimized
  • The GUI does not adapt at the different screen resolutions
  • Game textures are not optimized for devices with limited hardware


Game Guide


Register or Login


  • The game is now saving data just locally.
  • Register your player by choosing only a username (no password needed)
  • Choose an avatar image
  • The login is case sensitive

Main screen GUI


All the options that are still not available are disabled and presented with a 50% transparency. Follow the yellow helper indications.

Active functions:

  • Logout
  • Customize your car
  • Asynchronous Multiplayer, you can choose 1 lap or 2 lap multiplayer races on different tracks
  • Vs. Race

Customize your car

Photo dic 16, 3 14 00 PM

Change your car design by choosing different:

  • Car Blocks
  • Helmet
  • Skins
  • Tires

Asynchronous Multiplayer


Race against five pre-recorded ghosts. You can change different control methods by tapping on the pause button in the top left of the screen.


Photo dic 16, 3 17 54 PM

Choose from three different control templates, from left to right:

  1. Uses the Gyro to steer, tap everywhere to brake, tap the nitro button to use the nitro.
  2. tap on the left and right areas to steer, tap in the middle to brake, tap the nitro button to use the nitro.
  3. tap on the left and right buttons areas to steer, tap on the brake button to brake, tap the nitro button to use the nitro.

Vs. Race

Photo dic 16, 3 21 47 PM

Actually we’re simulating the Versus Mode by saving the different runs locally. To test this mode you have to log as the different players involved in the race.

  1. Choose you opponent among pre-created players by choosing Random Player when asked.
  2. You can change the different tracks where to challenge your opponent by tapping on the random button.
  3. Record your first manche on the first track.
  4. Log out your player and log-in with your opponent username.
  5. Play against your first recorded manche as your opponent.
  6. Repeat points 4 and 5 until the race is finished.