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Victory Dev Leaks 18: RaceCraft is coming

We are facing one of the major challenges of racing games: being able to create unlimited race tracks having both a proper functionality and a great visual impact. Our R&D team is working on a procedural algorithm that randomly creates straight lines, chicanes, sharp turns,…

Victory Dev Leaks 10: Racing AI Preview

We’re now working hard at Vae Victis to expand the single player experience in Victory. Our first focus has been to develop the best possible Racing Artificial Intelligence (RAI) around. Our brand new RAI will be implemented in one of the next patches inside a…

Victory Dev Leaks 09: Pro Class

This is a preview of the upcoming Road Race Pro Class car blocks and accessories. The Pro Class will be introduced during the Closed Beta of Victory: The Age of Racing together with the CB Patch 7.

Victory 0.8 Beta RC3 Screenshots

The Closed Beta of Victory is approaching at last! We’re working hard with GamersFirst QA department to solve the last bugs, we’ve just released our RC3 that solves all the game’s major bugs and the next RC4 will probably be the Closed Beta build we’re…

Victory Dev Leaks 07: Semi-Pro Class Car Blocks

A glance to the second car class of the game: The Semi-Pro Class. Inspired by the seventies formula 1 cars, the Semi-Pro Class will introduce a different car handling and driving experience: a even more realistic approach, with a mid-level difficulty towards the third and…