Vae Victis | Victory: The Age of Racing launches on Steam Greenlight after the release of Service Pack 10
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Victory: The Age of Racing launches on Steam Greenlight after the release of Service Pack 10

Vae Victis Games released the tenth Service Pack for Victory: The Age of Racing, containing hundreds of bug fixes and completely new features. Also, Victory is now published on Valve’s Steam Greenlight to be evaluated for publication on the Steam platform.

Victory Service Pack 10 What’s New


Live Events: Super GP

Live Events are events created in real time by the central Victory Server and proposed to inactive players.

There’s different kind of Live events in development now, the first ones that is being released with SP10 are the Super GP events.

A Super GP is a single race created by the central server with random prizes for the participants.

Each Super GP race offers an Event Reward that will be rewarded to each player that will finish the event (the single race in this case) and a Winner Prize, awarded to the winner of the event.


New RC6 car physics

After months of work Vae Victis now releases the sixth major release for Victory’s car physics engine. This is the result of player’s feedbacks and the analysis of the milions of driven kilometers during Victory’s Beta.

Achievements Quests and new Achievements
A new “quest” system based on the completion of the first achievements in the game to promote the exploration of the basic features of Victory and act as a simple tutorial for the new players.

This SP also introduces 30 brand new Achievements, there’s now over 300 different achievements in the game.


LAN Support

New “LAN” screen in the lobby where players can create Local Area Network servers to play with fellow LAN friends and easily create LAN parties!


Much more!

For a complete list of the new features and bug fixes contained in SP10 please head to Victory official Announcements Forum:

Victory Patch 10.0: What’s New


Victory: The Age of Racing on Steam Greenlight

“Greenlight is an incredible opportunity for small independent studios like ours to be visible on the leading distribution channel for PC games on the World: Steam.”

said Luca Garattoni – Executive Producer at Vae Victis

“We want to use Steam Greenlight to show off our game to the Steam Community and receive valuable feedbacks. Player’s feedback it’s at the center of our development cycle since the beginning and we’ll continue this tradition by using the opportunity that Steam Greenlight gives to independent studios like us”

said Antonio Moro – Creative Director at Vae Victis

Victory: The Age of Racing has been officially published on Steam Greenlight today, please support the publication of Victory on Steam by submitting comments and vote up our game on:


Screenshots & More informations

Don’t esitate to contact us if any other information is needed. You can download a press pack for Victory: The Age of Racing, containing screenshots and general information, here:


About the Game

Victory: The Age of Racing is a free to play online racing game with a realistic car physics and casual game play. Race in a world inspired by the open wheels racing scene, as you take your customized car around hairpin turns, swerve past your opponents, and accelerate towards the finish line.


About the Studio

Vae Victis is an independent game development studio based in Italy. Our core team consists of talented members from online games, simulation, web design, digital marketing, music and CGI. Different skills, same feeling for fun.

Vae Victis was founded in 2007. We are now focused on the development of a fully integrated racing game engine and social network platform to run our original IP in the free to play business model.