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Nice feature article on about the recent change of publisher and beta restart for Victory: The Age of Racing.

We don’t have many high-quality free-to-play racing titles out there but the ones we do get are usually addictive little buggers. Hoping to join the ranks of established F2P racing titles such as Heat Online and The Need For Speed Online is Vae Victis’ self-published title, Victory: The Age of Racing.

Originally, Victory was being funded and published by GamersFirst, but after many, many, many years of waiting the game never really seem to come to fruition on G1’s free-to-play portal, only going as far as getting a very secluded closed-beta test.

Vae Victis’ Victory is currently out of the closed-beta stage of development and the developers are patching and adding in content for the game on a regular basis.

For those of you wondering what you get in Victory I’ll run it down for you like this: Victory is a free-to-play title that offers customizable racing machines that resemble many old-school and prototype racers. The vehicles sport realistic-based physics and damage, as well as the ability to level-up and make advancements in the game, all while competing against other gamers in online races.

The racing looks intense and the customization runs deep. The gameplay seems very similar to Ubisoft’s TrackMania. You can sign-up to start playing the game or simply learn more by paying a visit to the Official Victory: The Age of Racing Website.

By William Usher
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