Vae Victis | Victory Dev Leaks 10: Racing AI Preview
Vae Victis / Independent Game Development Studio


Victory Dev Leaks 10: Racing AI Preview

We’re now working hard at Vae Victis to expand the single player experience in Victory. Our first focus has been to develop the best possible Racing Artificial Intelligence (RAI) around.

Our brand new RAI will be implemented in one of the next patches inside a new game mode called Duel Challenge.

In Duel Challenge the players will race versus different RAI drivers, divided in different difficulty levels.

What you see in the video above is a sneak preview of one of our programmers driving versus a RAI driver with medium difficulty. Our RAI reacts to the human driver handling and strikes back rising the rage level if hit or stopped.

Our RAI will be used in a brand new single player career mode that will be released for Victory in the coming months.