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“A very unique online racing game set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. Players can build and customize their own car, changing everything down to the finest little details. Where Victory stands out is in its advanced driving physics and the way it handles driving in an online environment. A very cool racing game, and for any formula one fan you will feel right at home with the styles of the cars.”

Victory: The Age of Racing is a free to play MMO Racing game currently being developed by VaeVictis and published by GamersFirst. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where following the collapse of civilization in 2012 the world only has one passion to unite them; racing. Drivers will build a car from the ground up and race with competitors from all over the globe.

In a racing game such as this, an expansive selection of customizations for a car is crucial. Victory offers a build mode that allows a player to go wild, within reason of course. A car is divided up into blocks, individual sections which the player may customize and change. The selections made are preset but there is a huge variety on offer, and once player’s progress throughout the game more unique cars will begin to appear. Players may purchase parts by competing in races to level up and to win cash for use in the Market. Besides buying parts for your car, each part bought may give the driver skill points; which can be spent on improving the cars performance.

There are a wide variety of tracks available currently in Victory, and the game promotes a very formula 1 style vibe. The driving within the game is exhilarating; with the advanced car physics engine in the game you really feel every bump and curve in the road. The physics makes driving more realistic as opposed to many arcade style racers, although it’s not as involved as a simulator.

Graphically speaking Victory is quite nice to look at, while it isn’t quite next-gen the cars do look superb. Every small detail of the vehicle has been taken care of, right down to the gear stick. Online racing games have become quite popular, but there has always been one major problem; driving with lag. A lot of games are ruined by the fact that lag cause delays in your turning and control of the car; making it basically impossible to drive. Victory handles lag rather well, for those not situated near the servers you will find that the game plays relatively smoothly still; other plays may “skip” though on your screen.

Racing fans will be pleased with Victory and with the content we have seen so far it looks like Victory really is shaping up to be a great MMO Racing game. The game is currently in beta, and we will definitely be keeping an eye on this title to see what the future brings. What are you waiting for? Pick up your spanner, start building a car and get it on the track today!

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