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Awesome feedback from Victory Closed Beta

After three days of closed beta we’re still hard working on all the new minor bugs we discovered, we’ll release a new patch on next monday and today we’ve completely revamped our production servers.

We’re crawling our beta forums for bugs and feedbacks, our beta testers are the best around, we love them. Here’s some nice feedback about the game.

“I have nothing but praise for the team working on this game, it took you guys awhile but you did it right. This is by far the best racing game I have played.”

“I have to be honest personally I have had a lot of fun already, and I think this is one of the more enjoyable closed beta experiences that I have ever had. I love the handling characteristics and the racing between equally skilled drivers has been simply amazing. It actually feels at least somewhat like a simulation racing experience and that is exactly what I had hoped for.”

“Driving/handling feels solid enough. Not to arcade, and not hardcore simulator. Right between the two.
It’s reward skillfull driving, but not hard to control.”

“I think that’s easy to learn so new people can drive “right out of the box”, but it’s hard to master and really rewards driving skills and clean racing lines.”

“I really think that the way the car handles is the best feature of this game. I mean there is a deep driving model that makes you feel the car, the way it turns with the amount of grip you have on it lap by lap.

By far this really is one of the best experience for me, better than any codemasters title since TOCA Race Driver 2, that was a great one, better than NFS Shift and appealing quite the same than Test Drive Unlimited.

Obviously this is not a “professional” racing simulator like rFactor, GTR 2 or iRacing, but I think this is a good point for Victory, since many PC users are searching for a good “online racing GAME” by ages and this seems exactly that.”
Mascalzone –

“This is the best racing game I ever played, it’s balanced I and never get bored. And yeah, for me the creation and the handling, are the best features of the game!”

“All I have during summer is my keyboard, but this game is making me not worry too much – I can say honestly that the handling with keyboard is the best I have seen in any racing game. Keep up the good work!”

“Car handling, in itself, feels great. I feel as though I can tell how much turn at whatever speed will make the car start to slide.
The simplified setup sliders are also great; everything you really need is there, without requiring much knowledge about what effects the car how.”