Vae Victis | Vae Victis at the E3 Expo 2010!
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Vae Victis at the E3 Expo 2010!

Vae Victis will be at the Los Angeles E3 Expo on June 15-17th 2010 at the Gamers First’s booth: South Hall / Booth 2803 / Gamers First

Vae Victis will present to the press the first playable pre-beta version of its first major production: Victory: The Age of Racing. We gladly invite you to visit our booth and test our beloved game.

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About Victory: The Age of Racing

Victory: The Age of Racing is a free to play Massive Multiplayer Online Racing Game published by and developed by VaeVictis.

Race in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by the legendary formula racing scene, as you take your car around hairpin turns, swerve past your opponents, and accelerate towards the finish line feeling the thrill of driving over 200mph.

With an easy to learn and hard to master driving experience, Victory uniquely blends a realistic and detailed car physics simulation with the pure fun of driving.

Victory is a really unique and innovative racing game with user generated cars with a never before seen car creation and development system, completely different race tracks around the world and engaging multiplayer quick competitions.


Game Features

The World of Victory
An unique and creative post-apocalyptic world inspired by the legendary formula racing scene with an art direction unlike anything else on the market.

Unprecedented Driving Experience
An easy to use and hard to master driving experience where you can control your car with the keyboard, the mouse or a compatible controller, always maintaining the same unprecedented car handling.

Car Classes
With three different car classes for beginners, advanced and simulation users, Victory offers you a complete driving experience.

Fun and Easy Multiplayer
Victory is based on quick competitions and events where you can compete and have fun without spending hours on boring long-lasting races.

User Generated Cars
With an innovative Blocks System you can create your unique car model and then the Painting System gives you an unprecedented level of freedom by choosing colors, templates, patterns, decals and colorable shapes for your uniquely created cars.

Car Attributes and Leveling System
Players gain experience points and collect performance points to level-up and increase their car’s attributes like in a classic RPG system.

Virtual Items Market
An integrated virtual items market with over 500 items and a large selection of options that you can test on your car in real time dealing with accessories, car’s parts and blocks, decals and visuals, services and bundle packs.

Online Events
The players in Victory participate in online official events and can create championships with friends and team mates.


About Vae Victis

Vae Victis is an independent game development studio based in Italy. Founded in 2007, Vae Victis is focused on the development of a fully integrated racing game engine and social network platform to run its original IPs with a free to play business model.

Vae Victis is located in Cesena, a small town on the east coast of Italy and part of the world famous italian motor valley: home of the Ferrari, Ducati, Maserati, Lamborghini… and in general of the world’s most incredible gearheads.

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About E3 Expo 2010

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