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The 2009 E3 was a turnaround for the show, which, despite a thriving game market, suffered a steep decline in visibility and relevance after 2006 when the ESA decided to split E3 into two separate events—a “media and business summit” and a consumer event called “E for All.” Neither event attracted the vendor participation, industry visibility and buzz that this year’s E3 garnered.

There was a plethora of cool new game offerings at the show—my personal favorite: Return To Castle Wolfenstein Two (to be released in early August). But what we’re most excited about are the car related titles. I’m only going to cover the hottest new automotive games and some cool gaming gear.


Victory: The Age of Racing
Race in a world inspired by the 1960’s Formula One Racing scene, as you take your custom built racer around hairpin turns, swerve past your opponents and accelerate towards the finish line. A variety of fully customizable vintage racecars and a realistic physics engine give you the thrill of driving over 200 mph in closed course tracks and through village streets. See the trailer and sign up to be among the first to get Beta news and updates here.

Written by Dick DeLoach

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