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If you are new to the Free2Play experience, then prepare to be amazed. I spent some time with the wonderful folks at GamersFirst, part of the K2 network which brings popular MMO-style games from all over the world to the Western audiences.

With several titles in the pipeline, I was able to get my hands on two very interesting games.


For the serious petrol-heads, Victory: The Age of Racing is an excellent blend of futuristic automotive design with 1960s Formula One racing. As an MMORPG, you gain experience by racing which will allow you to level up your car’s stats the way you choose.

As a racing simulation game, the Net Kar Pro full-featured physics engine provides a realistic experience behind the wheel. In an online market, test and purchase items to help improve your car and reach the top of the ranks.

Their website ranking system is easily accessed from your browser, making it that much easier to gloat to your friends about your latest victory.

By Jessica Johnson

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