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PopularMechanics / Top 10 Racing Games at E3 2009

If you don’t have access to a Mustang GT500, a Chevy Camaro or a Corvette ZR1 and a racetrack, a video game with these cars, we guess, is the next best thing. At this year’s E3, racing games reign with multiplayer games like Blur hosting live races 24/7, or games with massive racing worlds like Fuel. Even the iconic character, Sonic the hedgehog, strapped on his seatbelt and revved his engines at E3 this year. Here are 10 games creating a buzz at E3 2009.


Victory: The Age of Racing
The Game: Victory is a free, retro online game inspired by the 1960s world of Formula One racing. The Age of Racing has players competing for cash to beef up aesthetic and internal accessories on their vehicles.

What’s Cool: The game runs off of the netKar Pro simulation engine and is a free online game connected to a social network so players around the globe can compete against each other at no cost.

By Kyle Roerink

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