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“Victory: The Age of Racing” is an upcoming free-to-play online racing game with one of the oddest premises I’ve ever seen. Basically, it’s the year 2062. And for whatever reason, people have decided to start a racing league based on 1960s Formula One Racing.


Despite the oddity of why that whole scenario was decided upon, the game looks like it has what it takes to make a dent in the free-to-play scene. Like many recent MMORPGs, “Victory” has decided to put a huge emphasis on character customization; except in this case the characters are cars. So how can you customize your car? In a surprisingly large number of ways.

Starting out, you can select a rear, front, and center block, which forms the general body of your vehicle. After that, you can paint the sections how you choose, or apply stickers/decals to various parts. The real customization comes once you start playing, though.

As you race, you’ll be able to achieve loot and purchase gear which further customizes your vehicle. Each car will have 12 item slots, which will allow you to customize everything from the type of rims and wheels you have to the type of steering wheel your car is sporting.

Most of the items will be for pure aesthetic purposes – but some will offer you small benefits. Which type of benefits weren’t given, but for the most part racing will rely entirely on skill and car stats, not who happens to have the rarest spoiler.

The racing itself is based on realistic physics, which the developers admitted was hard to pull off in a free online racing game where most people will be using a keyboard and wheels are a scarcity. To make it simpler, cars will depict their actions more visually than some games, with suspensions being seen, and physics’ hold on your car being evident.

At launch, there will be there or four racing worlds, each with five tracks. Worlds will represent thematic areas; for example the Arctic or a desert. Racing in regular races (such as Quick Race) will give you loot should you win, but the better (and possibly epic) look will come from racing in mini Championships, which are a series of races. Whomever starts the Championship can also determine what the rewards for winners will be. Want everyone to chip in money and the winner grabs the pot? Or want to have a set of items with a random possibility on what will be the prize? You can do that.

Like real Formula One, players will be able to form racing teams, which will act as a guild. Teams can earn prestige, race with their friends, use a team logo on all team cars, etc. No word on if teams will get any sort of benefit or if there will be team-only races, but since the game isn’t even in closed beta yet there’s plenty of time for us to learn more about the game.

“Victory: The Age of Racing” is set to hit closed beta by the end of the year, and is looking to launch in Q1 of 2010.

Posted by Brendon Lindsey, June 3rd, 2009

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