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Blog / E3 2009: Victory: Age Of Racing MMO Set During 1960’s

At this year’s upcoming E3 event, GamersFirst and Vae Victus announced that they have partnered to unveil their upcoming project, Victory: The Age of Racing. Yeah, I know the game is already being announced here and now, but an even bigger unveiling will happen at E3. Anyway, the game is set during the 1960’s of formulae 1 racing and it also happens to be an MMO.

“Our goal is to deliver top quality games to the Free2Play market and Victory is one of these titles we are proud to have on our site,” said Carlo Natividad, Associate Producer, GamersFirst. “Victory is a fun and exciting game that everyone can enjoy.”

The meat and potatoes of the game fall within the boundaries of the car customization features and upgrades. Players will race to win cash and level-up their car using an endless variety of parts and aesthetic accessories to detail and upgrade their vehicle.

What’s more is that Victory: The Age of Racing will run on the Net Kar Pro simulation physics engine, allowing for tight car handling and some of the most realistic car physics featured in an MMO.

“GamersFirst is the perfect partner to publish Victory; not only are they one of the best free- to- play publishers out there, but they also share with us the great passion for gaming and for the integration between games and social networks,” stated Antonio Moro, Creative Director, Vae Victis.

And just like all GamersFirst titles, Victory: The Age of Racing will be based on the Free-to-Play MMO platform. This method will allow for any and all players to jump right into the game when it becomes available, subscription-free.

By William Usher

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