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Vae Victis at IVDC 2012

Vae Victis will be present at IVDC 2012. Now in its sixth edition, IVDC – Italian Videogames & Digital Contents Conference is the Italian event dedicated to videogames development and the new frontiers of digital culture. The event is organized by the Cultural Institute AIOMI…

Vae Victis at the E3 Expo 2010!

Vae Victis will be at the Los Angeles E3 Expo on June 15-17th 2010 at the Gamers First’s booth: South Hall / Booth 2803 / Gamers First Vae Victis will present to the press the first playable pre-beta version of its first major production: Victory:…

Vae Victis is hiring!

We are looking for dynamic, talented professionals who wish to contribute to the creation of our free to play games. Come to Vae Victis, and your contribution will be valued and recognized by gamers, the industry and our team. Please visit our Jobs Page for…