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Awesome feedback from Victory Closed Beta

After three days of closed beta we’re still hard working on all the new minor bugs we discovered, we’ll release a new patch on next monday and today we’ve completely revamped our production servers. We’re crawling our beta forums for bugs and feedbacks, our beta…

The Closed Beta is here!

Victory: The Age of Racing just started its closed beta phase. We’re super excited now that we’re watching hundreds players driving on our tracks. Gamersfirst started yesterday to invite the first core players from the official forums, we’re now experiencing some lag problems as the…

Victory 0.8 Beta RC3 Screenshots

The Closed Beta of Victory is approaching at last! We’re working hard with GamersFirst QA department to solve the last bugs, we’ve just released our RC3 that solves all the game’s major bugs and the next RC4 will probably be the Closed Beta build we’re…