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Victory on Beta Machine / The Games Machine

The Games Machine, the major videogame magazine in Italy, dedicates its Beta section, “Beta Machine”, to Victory: The Age of Racing in its January 2012 issue. […] Tra le altre cose potrete anche contare su un editor di costruzione del mezzo semplicemente unico, che permette…

Victory Dev Leaks 10: Racing AI Preview

We’re now working hard at Vae Victis to expand the single player experience in Victory. Our first focus has been to develop the best possible Racing Artificial Intelligence (RAI) around. Our brand new RAI will be implemented in one of the next patches inside a…

Victory Dev Leaks 09: Pro Class

This is a preview of the upcoming Road Race Pro Class car blocks and accessories. The Pro Class will be introduced during the Closed Beta of Victory: The Age of Racing together with the CB Patch 7. / Victory: The Age of Racing

“A very unique online racing game set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. Players can build and customize their own car, changing everything down to the finest little details. Where Victory stands out is in its advanced driving physics and the way it handles driving in an…